Watch Denmark vs Belgium UEFA Euro 2020 Live

How to Watch Denmark vs Belgium UEFA Euro 2020 Live Streaming

You can watch Denmark vs Belgium UEFA Euro 2020 Live Streaming form Denmark and Belgium for free. You can watch hear or get updated scores outside Europe as well. Let’s have some chat on the issue.

The significant members of Group B; Denmark and Belgium will play against each other on 17 June, 2021. This match will take place at Parken Stadium, Copenhaen (Denmark, 18:00).

In this article I will guide you about, how can soccer fans watch Live streaming of UEFA Euro 2020, Denmark vs Belgium.  

Watch Live Broadcasting of Denmark vs Belgium

UEFA has provided the official broadcasting rights to the channels of different countries. Football fans all around the world can watch Live as well as on demand streaming of all 51 matches including Denmark VS Belgium on their Televisions, Mobile Phones, Satellite and Smart TVs.

The Official Broadcasters of UEFA Euro 2020 in Denmark and Belgium are mentioned below:

Countries  Official Broadcasters  
Denmark  NENT
Belgium  RTBF, VRT

Watch Live Streaming of Denmark vs Belgium on NENT

In order to improve the broadcasting of Euro 2020 across the Europe, this year the authorities have provided their Official Exclusive Broadcasting Rights to NENT TV. NENT channel is the national broadcasting channel of Denmark. This year for the first time, Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) has gained the Danish Rights to live stream UEFA Euro Football Championship. It was founded in 2018. All the channels of NENT are Free and provide streaming along with advertisement.

NENT TV will provide comprehensive coverage of all matches of UEFA Euro 2020, including the live and on demand Streaming of Denmark VS Belgium match. Since Denmark is one of the hosting country of UEFA Euro 2020, NENT group will provide live and delayed matches streaming on both TV and its digital outlet for FREE. So, that soccer fans can enjoy Euro 2020 From any corner of Europe.

If someone has a cable in their house they can enjoy complete coverage of UEFA Euro 2020 Denmark VS Belgium from their houses for Free.

Supported Devices

It is available on all devices including Apple TV, Smart TV etc.

Watch Live Streaming of Denmark vs Belgium on VRT

VRT stands for Vlaamse/ Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization in English. It is the public-service broadcaster of Belgium. VRT owns the Official Broadcasting Rights of UEFA Euro 2020. Both the Radio and Television broadcasters of VRT holds a key position in Belgium society. It shares its headquarter with RTBF channel in Brussels. VRT has four channels all of which provide quality content. These channels are further explained below:

Channels  Streaming Content
One  It is the main channel, formerly known as VRT TV1.
Canvas  It is the quality TV channel of VRT.
Ketnet  It is the children’s channel.
Sporza                          It is the sports channel. Sporza streams Sport programs (like cycling, football, tennis…). During big sport events (like the Olympics) it is not uncommon for two or more channels to simultaneously air Sporza.

Supported Devices

VRT provides streaming through Cable TV, IPTV, Satellite and Terrestrial TV. It provides its streaming for Free only through Cable and IPTV (International Protocol TV i.e. via internet). While through satellite and terrestrial TV it will charge a paid subscription for its streaming.

This channel will provide free live streaming of UEFA Euro 2020 Denmark VS Belgium. So, if someone wants to watch innovative streaming of Denmark VS Belgium, VRT will provide Free Live and on demand streaming of it.

Watch Live Streaming of Denmark VS Belgium on RTBF

RTBF is the national broadcasting channel of Belgium. In English RTBF stands for The Radio and Television Broadcasting Company of the French Community of Belgium. It is a public service broadcaster, and broadcast its streaming through both Radio and Television services to French speaking community of Belgium. Also shares its headquarter with VRT in Brussels.

It is the official broadcaster of UEFA Euro since 2018. Financially controlled by NEOPRO Project with SAP and NRB.

This year UEFA has also provided the official broadcasting rights of Euro 2020 to RTBF. So, if someone wants to watch Live Stream of Denmark VS Belgium from Belgium, RTBF is the best choice. As RTBF broadcasts live streaming of UEFA Euro 2020 on both television and radio for free.

Free Live Updates of Denmark vs Belgium on Radio

Many countries do no prefer to broadcast football matches on radio. Because people love more to watch rather to listen about football on radios. Still some of the European countries still provide sports broadcast on Radio, so that their citizen can avail any chance to enjoy their favorite sport. Among these countries United Kingdom and Belgium are the Official Radio Broadcasters of UEFA Euro 2020.

These Official Radio broadcasters will provide 24/7 Live updates of all 51 UEFA Euro matches including Denmark VS Belgium.  So, if you want to listen the Live Updates of Euro 2020 Denmark VS Belgium on Radio, the following channels will provide live updates from Belgium.


The Vlaamse Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization (VRT), broadcast Sports through both television and radio. UEFA (Union for European Association) has provided the official rights of Live Broadcasting all 51 matches of Euro 2020 including Denmark VS Belgium to VRT. It provides commentaries 24 hours a day for FREE.

Thus soccer fans can keep themselves updated about UEFA Euro 2020 matches through VRT Radio.

How to Watch Free Live Streaming of Denmark VS Belgium without any restriction

Many of the Official and non-Official Broadcaster of UEFA Euro 2020 provides their streaming in specific countries and will stop streaming their content outside these countries i.e. they are location restricted. Such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, ESPN etc. provide their streaming only in United States and will stop streaming its content, even for their paid viewers, right after they crossed the borders of United States.

For such video streaming servers that are area restricted, soccer fans can use VPN servers to manipulate their requirements and limitations. One of the famous VPN servers is as follows:

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the top choice for streaming sports from anywhere around the world. It is one of the fastest and secure servers that is made for reliable streaming of sports from anywhere around the world. It is Security-focused choice that doesn’t skimp on unblocking capabilities.

Nord VPN comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers Fast connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth. One can Watch Live Streaming of their favorite sports including UEFA Euro 2020 online, without any buffering or lags. A single Nord VPN subscription helps you to connect with up to 6 devices simultaneously, including your smart TV and router.

Supported Devices

It is available on Both apple and android devices, Chromecast and Window devices.

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