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How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 from Europe

UEFA Euro 2024 is the biggest Football event in Europe. You can Watch UEFA Euro 2024 from Europe for free here. UEFA Euro Championship (UEFA stands for Union for European Football Association) was supposed to begin on 17 March 2020, but it was delayed by a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe.

It will now take place between 11 June to 11 July 2024. The tournament still holds the name UEFA Euro 2024 and informally known as Euros 2024. In 2012, UEFA authorities announced that stadiums would keep the game in multiple cities across Europe rather than a single host country to mark its 60th anniversary. This year, for the first time, 12 countries will host the great event, UEFA Euro 2024.

A total of 24 teams will participate to win the title of Euro 2024. All these 24 teams are divided into six different groups. The division of countries into groups is as follows:

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Group Contestants

Group ATurkey, Italy, Wales, and Switzerland
Group BDenmark, Finland, Belgium, and Russia
Group CNetherlands, Ukraine, Austria, and North Macedonia
Group DEngland, Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic
Group ESpain, Sweden, Poland, and Slovakia
Group FHungary, Portugal, France and Germany

To facilitate the soccer fans worldwide, every match of Euro 2024, group stage and knockout phase, will be broadcasted by various channels across Europe, the Caribbean, and Asian Pacific countries. Soccer fans worldwide can watch UEFA’s live stream on their mobiles, web-based apps, and other devices.

This article will provide details about how can soccer fans watch a Live Stream of UEFA Euro 2024 from Europe:

Watch Free UEFA Euro 2024 from Europe

As the most prominent football championship of Europe, this year, UEFA has arranged various broadcasters worldwide. Different channels will provide live streams and highlights of Euro 2024 matches for around the globe soccer fans. You can watch both the live and delayed games of Euro 2024 through T.V web-based apps, and Radio from anywhere around the world. 

The following section will provide information about how to watch the live stream of Euro 2024 matches from all around Europe. 

Watch Live Broadcasting of Euro 2024 from European countries

AlbaniaRTSH Super sport
ArmeniaArmenia TV
Bosnia and HerzegovinaNova BH Sport Klub
BulgariaBNT Nova
CroatiaHRT Sport Klub
Czech- RepublicCT
FranceBien Sports
GermanyART ZDF
GreeceANT 1 IPG
Iceland365 Media
ItalyRAI Sky Italia
KazakhstanSaran Media
MontenegroNova M Sport Klub
North MacedoniaSport Klub
NorwayNRK TV 2
PortugalSport TV
RomaniaPro TV
RussiaVGTRK Perviy Kanal Match TV
SerbiaSport Klub
SloveniaSport Klub
SpainMediaset España
SwedenSVT TV 4
SwitzerlandSRG SSR
United KingdomBBC ITV

Top European Broadcasting Channels to Watch Free Live Streaming of UEFA Euro 2024

From the above mentioned list, following are the top channels that provide Free live and on demand streaming of Euro 2024:

NENT Group

This year for the first time, Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) has acquired the Danish Rights to live stream UEFA Euro Football Championship. In order to improve the broadcasting of Euro 2024 across the Europe, this year the authorities have provided their Official Exclusive Broadcasting Rights to NENT TV.

So, that soccer fans can enjoy Euro 2024 From any corner of Europe. NENT TV will provide comprehensive coverage of all matches of UEFA Euro 2024, including both live and on demand Streaming. NENT group will provide live and delayed matches streaming on both TV and its digital outlet. So, if someone has a cable in their house they can enjoy complete coverage of UEFA Euro 2024 from their houses for Free.

BBC Sports TV

BBC Sports is the sports division of BBC. It provides the nation sports coverage for BBC Television. BBC Sports is the Official Broadcasting Rights holder of Euro 2024. It will provide complete coverage of UEFA Euro 2024, including live stream, highlights and streaming of old matches played by the host countries, without charging any extra penny.

All you need is cable on your TV and BBC Sports will provide live streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 in HD Quality. The authorities have allowed various broadcasters to provide free-to-air coverage of at least their own matches in their own countries. So, if you want to watch live stream of Euro 2024 from Europe, BBC Sports is the best choice. All you need is cable in your house and you are ready to go!

It is available on both Android and Apple sets. One can also cast BBC Sports app on their TV by using Chromecast or other casting devices. Thus one can watch Live Stream of UEFA Euro 2024 through internet without any addition cost.

ITV Sports

Another Official Broadcaster of UEFA 2024 that air complete streaming of Euro Championship free of cost is ITV. ITV stands for Independent Television, is a well-known free to air channel in UK. It covers various sports including cricket, football and many others. This year ITV holds complete rights of broadcasting live matches of Euro 2024 played by the host country. So, if you have cable in your house, you can watch live stream of UEFA Euro 2024.

Another way to enjoy live streaming of Euro 2024 through internet is by downloading the app of ITV Sports App. This app can be downloaded from both play store and app store.

It is available on both Android and IOS devices. This app will provide the Ultra HD streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 matches. Thus one can enjoy Ultra HD streaming of Euro 2024 on internet without any cost.


The broadcaster of nations sports on TV channels, Radio and on Internet, that provide Live and on demand Streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 across Europe is SR SSR. It is a Switzerland’s Brand and the name indicates the initials of all the languages that are spoken in Switzerland. SRG SSR provide Live Stream of Euro 2024 and this year will provide complete coverage of all 51 matches of UEFA Euro 2024 with HD Quality. So if someone wants to enjoy live stream of UEFA Euro 2024 from Europe SRG SSR is the best telecom network to approach.

Top European Broadcasting Channels to Watch Paid Live Streaming of UEFA Euro 2024

Though there are various broadcasters that provide streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 with charging any additional cost. But some sports video streaming channels also charge a little and economical add-on for additional feature. So that soccer fans can enjoy every moment of their favorite event. So if you are a soccer fan and wants to enjoy every single detail of Euro 2024, following are the top broadcasters that provide Ultra HD quality of Euro 2024 by charging economical monthly dues.

Sky TV

The biggest telecommunication network of UK is Sky TV. It also holds all the broadcasting rights of Euro 2024. Providing LIVE and on demand Streaming of all the matches in UEFA Euro 2024. It operates in various countries of Europe including United Kingdom, Switzerland, Wales and many more. If someone watches to enjoy the complete streaming of Euro 2024 from Europe SKY TV is the best option. Charging £26 per month with any time cancellation offer.

It is available on both Android and Apple devices. Also available on Smart TV, Xbox one and other smart devices.

BT Sports ESPN

The television channel that provide HD streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 with paid subscription is BT Sports ESPN. It is a British pay sports T.V channel provided by BT consumers, a division of BT Group. Along with other sports coverage, it also provides a live stream of UEFA Championship. It focuses on all the details including the goals and other key incidents from the matches in competition.

BT Sports ESPN charge £25 for its monthly pass, which means you can get instant access to the live and on demand streaming of UEFA Championship in just £25 per month from Europe. It is available on both android and apple devices.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is one of the best video streaming service. It offers live and delayed on demand stream of UEFA Euro 2024 from different channels including Fox Sports, ESPN, Bell Sports and Though it provides free 14 days’ trial for new customers but if someone wants to enjoy unique and addition feature of this video streaming app one can also avail its paid subscription. For live and unlimited access of UEFA Euro 2024 it offers two subscriptions methods after the trial period, these are £17.99 per month for two screens and £25 / month for 3 screens. It provides HD quality live streaming with no ads and any time cancelation offer. In some region it may require VPN to access.

It is available on both Android and IOS devices.

UEFA Euro 2024 on Radio from Europe

Though most of the countries do no prefer to broadcast football matches on radio. As people love more to watch rather to listen about football on radios. But some of the European countries still provide sports broadcast on Radio, so that their citizen can avail any chance to enjoy their favorite sport. These countries are Belgium, Denmark, Finland and UK, who provide broadcasting of all matches of UEFA Euro 2024 on radio. So, if you want to listen the Live Updates of Euro 2024 from Europe, the following channels will provide live streaming of UEFA Euro 2024:

Denmark – NENT Group Radio (NR)

United Kingdom –  Talk Sport

Finland – Yle General Radio Broadcast

Belgium – VRT

Watch UEFA Euro 2024 using VPN from Europe

If any area does not hold the right of broadcasting UEFA Euro 2024, then Express VPN services can be used to manipulate different sites. Express VPN is a virtual private network service offered by the British Virgin Islands-registered company. It was launched in 2009 and is the best trusted VPN service from 2009.

It is available on all devices including Phone, tablet, computer, router—no matter where you are or what devices you’re using, a single Express VPN subscription has got you covered.

What is the best way to watch UEFA Euro 2024 All Matches from Europe?

Though many people like to watch their favorite sport for free but other than the official broadcaster in European countries, here is why the paid method is better than the free method.

Free MethodPaid Method
Sometimes VPN services are requiredNo need of  VPN
Limited AccessUnlimited Access
Selected StreamingOn-Demand and Unlimited Streaming
Moderate QualityUltra HD Quality
No Enhanced FeaturesEnhanced Features
Limited ScreenUnlimited or more than 3 Screen
Can be canceled anytimeNo cancelation until require

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