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How to watch NFL in Mexico-Ultimate Guide

The article will tell you how to watch NFL live from Mexico. You will get to know how you can watch NFL on TV and online from Mexico. Moreover, you will also get to know about NFL game pass, NFL super bowl, and NFL pre-season.

NFL season is just around the corner and the football fans are super excited. At this time these fans must be looking for the ways to watch NFL games in mexico. So, if you belong to Mexico and a NFL fan then you have visited the right page. In this article we will let you know how to watch nfl playoffs in mexico for free.

How to watch NFL live streaming on TV

There are some official broadcasters that will stream NFL live on TV. These are the official partners of NFL and these channels will stream NFL live in Mexico.

Watch NFL on ESPN(Latin America)

Every NFL fan knows that ESPN is one of the official broadcasters of NFL since so many years. Hence, this year as well ESPN is going to stream NFL live for its fans. However, in Mexico ESPN (Latin America) will stream NFL live.

ESPN (Latin America) is a part of the ESPN channels. This channel is dedicated to sports only and it broadcasts sports in North America but in Spanish language. This channel was introduced to the viewers on 31 March 1989.

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However, this channel was introduced for the football and Hispanic baseball fans. The authorities of the channel knew that so many viewers in North America interested in these games more than the local games. 

Moreover, ESPN Latin America is different from other ESPN channels aired in US as this channel shows more football than any other game. ESPN Latin America is watched for other football programs as well like live games from Spain’s La Liga. It will also broadcast NFL super bowl and NFL pre-season.

Watch NFL on Fox Sports (Latin American TV network)

Fox Sports is the second major television channel that will stream NFL live in Mexico this year. This is basically a Latin American pay television network and a part of the Disney International Operations known as ‘The Walt Disney Company Latin America’ operates Fox Sports (Latin America).

Moreover, this channel is responsible for the broadcasting of all the programs that are related to sports. Not only then live games are aired on this channel but all other pre-recorded games as well. Furthermore, other sports-related programs like talk shows, NFL pre-season and NFL super bowl can also be watched through this channel.

This channel offers this services in all parts of the Latin America. However, the base of this network is in Los Angeles while its production studios are operating in Mexico and Argentina.

Watch NFL streaming on TV Azteca

TV Azteca is a Mexico based multimedia company. This channel will also stream live matches of NFL in Mexico along with other events like super bowl and talk shows. Grupo Salinas own TV Azteca, S.A.B. de C.V. TV Azteca is the most famous multimedia company in Mexico after Televisa. As Televisa is at top in Mexico.

TV Azteca competes with other local channels like Televisa and Imagen Televisión. Azteca Uno and Azteca 7 are the two national television networks owned by this television network. Moreover, there are two other national channels that are operated by V Azteca named as adn40 and a+. These channels have transmitters in most of the major and minor cities in Latin America.

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However, there is an International broadcasting channel as well that is aired in 13 countries around Central and South America. This channel is named as Azteca Trece Internacional.

Watch all NFL matches in Televisa Mexico

Televisa is also a multimedia company based in Mexico. It is the largest mass media company in the entire Latin America. Televisa is responsible for the production of largest content in Spanish language. However, so many programmes of Televisa are aired in US on Univision as it has a contract signed with Univision.

Like the previous years, this year as well the viewers will be able to watch NFL live on Televisa along with other NFL events including Super Bowl.

How to watch NFL all matches online free in Mexico

If you are interested in watching NFL online on your smart phone, tablet or android TV then you can use NFL game pass. NFL game pass will let you watch NFL super bowl, NFL pre-season, NFL recorded matches and all live matches of NFL.

But you can watch the live matches if you have a paid subscription of nfl game pass. If you have no subscription then you can watch the highlights of the match, nfl preseason matches. I will satisfy your further queries on NFL Gamepass

NFL Game Pass

If you want to watch NFL pre-season, Super Bowl and all NFL matches live then NFL Game Pass is the best option to choose. It will also let you watch the recorded matches and highlights of matches as well.

What is NFL game pass?

NFL game pass is an official website that will stream all of the NFL matches online. You need to sign up on this website to watch games lives or you can also watch the highlights of the games. Moreover, NFL game pass is available on a number of devices through a website and an official application.

What games free on NFL game pass?

Only a small amount of content is available free on NFL game pass like ‘Sunday in 60’. Moreover, you can also watch the 5 minutes’ highlight of each match for free.

NFL Game Pass Plans

  • There is a plan that is known as “essential plan”. You can get this plan in £39.99. And this plan is for the entire season of NFL. This plan includes only a number of services like NFL RedZone and NFL original shows. Moreover, you can also watch a 40 minutes’ highlight of each match through this plan.
  • However, if you are interested in watching live games and on-demand full games then the Pro subscription is made for you. You need to pay £149.99 to buy this plan and then you can enjoy the live matches throughout the season. However, if do not want to pay for the entire season then you can purchase the Pro subscription plan by paying £14.99 on weekly basis as well.
  • You can also get a free trial by making an account on NFL game pass. You can get a Pro account for free but just for 7 days.

How to watch every NFL match from your location in Mexico?

If you cannot get an access to NFL game pass or any of the channels due to area restrictions then you can download a VPN application to enjoy all of the restricted applications.

A VPN is an application that you can download in you smart phone or computer. This application works by changing your device’s location and hiding your original IP address. This application allows you to select a location of your own choice.

Hence, if you live in an area where you cannot get an access to NFL Game pass then you can download VPN on your smart phone or computer. It will help you get an easy access to NFL Game pass.

How to set up a VPN to watch nfl in Mexico

Here are some easy steps that will help you use VPN to get an access to NFL Game pass:

  • Download a VPN application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • After downloading VPN, select a suitable location.
  • After changing your location you will be able to access all of the restricted websites and applications.
  • You can use NFL game pass through VPN.

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