uefa changed venues

UEFA Changed Venues for Euro 2020

The news were in rumors that some countries may not in position to allow spectators in ground. UEFA has already asked countries to give tentative amount of fans they want to allow in fields. To forecast such matters is not possible in early stages.

Keeping the Fans safety in view & Allow people to watch matches of their country’s team, UEFA changed Venues for Euro 2020 early matches. UEFA has announced on Friday that all matches of Bilbao moved to Sevilla & matches that were in Dublin will now held in St. Petersburg & London.

UEFA wants fans to cheer for their countries. As tournament was long due, host venues like Bilbao was cancelled. Because attendance of fans was not possible there. Munich has confirmed that it is able to host almost 14,000 spectators.

Matter of changing of Venue was decided over Video Conference among UEFA Executive Committee. Matches that Due moved to Saint Petersburg are:

People which are not able to part of live audience, Do not Take worry. As 30% of audience is allowed in ground, We have provided you complete guide to watch UEFA EURO from home. No Matter if you are in Europe or Outside Europe, you will always be able to Enjoy the Live Stream.

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