How to watch NFL from Brazil | The Complete Guide

So, if you are also one of them who are wondering how to watch NFL from Brazil then you are at the right place. As after reading this article, you will get the answers like how to watch NFL super bowl from Brazil and how to watch NFL today game Brazil. Let’s Explore.

There are two major sources to watch NFL games live in Brazil. The first is a television, and the other is watching them online. For TV, there are some official broadcasters that will stream all NFL matches live along with other events like NFL super bowl.

Watch NFL in Brazil on Tv

Brazil is a nfl loving nation and they are not willing to miss any of them matches of the big game. Following are the TV channels in which you can watch all nfl games live.

NFL on ESPN Brazil

ESPN Brazil is a sports channel in Brazil that was launched in March 1989. ESPN Inc owns this sports channel. However, ESPN Brazil is the first divisional channel of ESPN that is country-specific. This country-specific channel was introduced in June 1995.

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Since its launch, this channel has streamed so many mega sports events like the Summer Olympics in years 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2016. ESPN is famous for its high ratings and has received the APCA award twice. ESPN won the first award in 1995 for the best programming of sports. While it won the second award in 1998 for the best coverage of the FIFA World Cup. So, you can get an idea of how well it will stream NFL season this year for its football fans in Brazil.

This year ESPN will be streaming live games of NFL on every Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Moreover, ESPN will let its fans enjoy the entire season till the Super Bowl. So, you can either watch ESPN channel or follow ESPN.COM to watch all of the NFL games on your computers and other devices through the website.

Options to Stream NFL from Brazil

Apart from TV you can watch all NFL game live from your computers, smartphones and tablets. Some official websites and applications will help you stream NFL today game.

NFL Game Pass

The other way to watch NFL online from Brazil is NFL Game pass. NFL game pass is an official website that will stream all of the NFL game online. You need to sign up on this website to watch games lives or you can also watch the highlights of the games. NFL Game Pass will let you watch NFL shows on demand as well. Like you will be able to watch:

  • Every touchdown, every Sunday with NFL RedZone.
  • NFL Network that will inform you about the breaking news and will also give you an expert analysis of all NFL matches
  • Highlights of all the matches you can download and enjoy later whenever you are free.

Moreover, NFL game pass is available on some devices through a website and an official application. However, it is not free. Only a small amount of content is free on NFL game pass like ‘Sunday in 60’. Moreover, you can also watch the 5 minutes highlight of each match for free.

NFL Gamepass Plans

  • There is a plan that is known as “essential plan”. You can get this plan in £39.99. And this plan is for the entire season of NFL. This plan includes only several services like NFL RedZone and NFL original shows. Moreover, you can also watch a 40 minutes highlight of each match through this plan.
  • However, if you are interested in watching live games and on-demand full games then the Pro subscription is made for you. You need to pay £149.99 to buy this plan and then you can enjoy the live matches throughout the season. However, if do not want to pay for the entire season, then you can purchase the Pro subscription plan by paying £14.99 every week as well.
  • You can also get a free trial by making an account on NFL game pass. You can get a Pro account for free but just for 7 days.

How to use VPN to watch NFL live in Brazil

A VPN is an application that you can download to your smartphone or computer. This application works by changing your device’s location and hiding your original IP address. This application allows you to select a location of your own choice.

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So, if you cannot get access to any of the above-mentioned official sources, then you can use VPN. VPN is the key to unlocking all of the restricted programs, shows, and channels.

Use VPN to Watch NFL from Brazil

Here are some easy steps that will help you use a VPN to get access to all of the restricted sites to watch all events of NFL live:

  • Download a VPN application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • After downloading VPN, select a suitable location.
  • After changing your location, you can access all of the restricted websites and applications.
  • You can use the NFL game pass through a VPN.

Hence, all of the sources mentioned above will be the official broadcasters of the NFL this season. You can visit either of these to watch NFL matches and live NFL events from Brazil. However, if you cannot access any of the official websites or channels then VPN will be there to help you. It will give you access to all of the restricted websites in your area.

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