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How to watch NFL in Canada-Ultimate Guide

So, if you are also from Canada and looking for the ways to watch NFL then you have reached the right place. Because this article will tell you how to watch NFL in Canada. Moreover, you will also come to know where to watch NFL on TV from Canada and how to stream NFL online from Canada.

Canada is the second largest country in the entire world that is situated in North America. Canada shares its Western and Southern borders with the United States and the people sharing these borders have so many things in common. One of them is their love for football.

This is the reason American National Football League is so much popular in Canada as well. People in Canada love to watch NFL and are always looking for the ways to watch NFL from their homes.

Furthermore, this article also contains information regarding how to watch NFL pre-season, how to watch NFL Super Bowl and NFL week matches live. This has all the data regarding NFL live stream of the NFL season 2021.

The two ways of watching NFL are on TV and online on your smart phones and tablets. So, we will tell you about both of them.

The following sources will let you watch NFL live stream during the NFL season 2021.

Watch NFL in Canada live on CTV

The CTV Television Network that is also known as CTV is a Canadian television network. CTV is an English-language channel that was launched in 1961. This television network is owned by BCE Inc. But nowadays it is a division of Bell Media that is a subsidiary of BCE.

CTV will be streaming NFL live today game. So, if you want to watch NFL pre-season, NFL Super Bowl and NFL week matches then CTV is one of the best sources in Canada. As it is the official broadcaster of NFL.

Moreover, you will also be able to watch NFL Divisional Round Matches 2022 and NFL pro bowl matches 2022 on CTV.

NFL live on TSN Sports

TSN is also an official broadcaster of NFL in Canada in the NFL season 2021. The full name of TSN is The Sports Network. This is also a Canadian English language channel that is dedicated to sports only. Labatt Brewing Company launched this channel in the year 1984.

TSN was a part of the first group of channels that had the Canadian Specialty. This channel is now owned by communication corporations including BCE Inc. while the ESPN Inc. also has a minority share in the channel.

Moreover, TSN is the largest Canadian channel when it comes to the gross revenue as in the year 2003 the gross revenue of TSN was $400.4 million. TSN is a sports channel that is famous for its streaming of live and recorded matches. Moreover, it also airs some original sports related programs.

You can also watch NFL all matches live on TSN in the NFL season 2021. Moreover, TSN will also let you watch the NFL news. You will also be able to watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl on TSN.

NFL Broadcasting on RDS

RDS is a French-language Canadian Sports channel that will be streaming NFL live during the NFL season 2021. You can watch NFL week matches, NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl as well on RDS.

NFL Game Pass on DAZN

Yes you can access NFL game pass using DZN network. DAZN is the world’s first truly live game streaming service. You can watch all matches of nfl 2021 from Canada by simply changing your server’s location to US.

How to Watch NFL NFL Online in Canada

These days people have have the access of tablets and mobile devices to watch any sports wherever they are. NFL is not a least popular games in Canada. People of Canada never loves to leave even a single game of NFL unattended.
So below are the methods where you can watch NFL matches in free as well as by paying a little fees.

NFL Games Pass Online from Canada

The online way to watch NFL online from Canada is NFL Game pass. NFL game pass is an official website that will stream all of the NFL matches online on demand. You just need to sign up on this website to watch games lives or you can also watch the highlights of the games.

You can watch: Every touchdown, every Sunday with NFL RedZone.

NFL network that will inform you about the breaking news and will also give you an expert analysis of all NFL matches Highlights of all of the matches that you can download and enjoy later whenever you are free.

Moreover, NFL game pass is available on a number of devices through a website and an official application. However, it is not free. Only a small amount of content is available free on NFL game pass like ‘Sunday in 60’. Moreover, you can also watch the 5 minutes’ highlight of each match for free.

NFL Gamepass Plans

There is a plan that is known as “essential plan”. You can get this plan in £39.99. And this plan is for the entire season of NFL. This plan includes only a number of services like NFL RedZone and NFL original shows. Moreover, you can also watch a 40 minutes’ highlight of each match through this plan.

However, if you are interested in watching live games and on-demand full games then the Pro subscription is made for you. You need to pay £149.99 to buy this plan and then you can enjoy the live matches throughout the season. However, if do not want to pay for the entire season then you can purchase the Pro subscription plan by paying £14.99 on weekly basis as well.

You can also get a free trial by making an account on NFL game pass. You can get a Pro account for free but just for 7 days.

Watch NFL every game live via VPN from Canada

You can stream every single game of NFL 2021, whether it is NFL Super Bowl, NFL Pro Bowl or NFL divisional matches, live just using a VPN device. Subscribe to the VPN and let the rest of the work to the VPN itself. The VPN will play its part.

Just follow following steps to watch live broadcasting in Canada:

  1. Download and Install a VPN software on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select a suitable location.
  3. After changing the location you will be able to access all the restricted websites on your area.
  4. Use NFL Game Pass through VPN and enjoy live stream.

Hence, all of the sources mentioned above will be the official broadcasters of NFL this season for Canada. However, if you cannot access any of the official website or channel then VPN will be there to help you. It will give you access to all of the restricted websites in your area.

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