How to Watch NFL in Europe-Ultimate Guide

NFL has a great hype in all over the Europe. NFL fans in Europe always look for the ways to watch NFL from their homeland. So, if you also belong to a European country like France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary etc and looking for the ways to watch NFL live in Europe then you are at the right place.

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Because in this article I will tell you how to watch NFL in Europe. Moreover, you will also come to know how to watch every NFL match in Europe. Furthermore, I will also inform you about the ways to watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl besides NFL Wildcard and NFL Divisional Round live.

If you resides outside Europe you can still watch every nfl games whether you resides in Brazil, Mexico, USA, and Canada.

How to watch NFL in Europe-Live Streaming and Highlights

Here is the list of official broadcasters of NFL that will help you watch NFL 2021 season:


Movistar+ is the name of a subscription platform that is made for digital television. The owner of Movistar+ is Telefónica. However, the operational headquarter of Telefónica is located in Spain. While the Optical fiber and ADSL are the official distributors of this channel all over the Spain. Astra satellite is also responsible for the broadcasting of this channel that helps viewers to watch Movistar+ on satellite TV.

Moreover, Movistar+ was launched in the year 2015. This platform was launched as a merger of Canal+ and Movistar TV. Now Movistar+ has over 3.9 million subscribers all over the Spain which makes it the largest television provider. Moreover, this channel also has 48% of market share.

Movistar+ is famous for telecasting hundreds of shows. This year, Movistar+ is the official broadcaster of NFL 2021 in Spain, Europe. If you also belong to Spain then you can watch NFL all matches live, NFL week games, NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl on Movistar+.

Sport Klub

This is the first subscription channel that has been broadcasted in Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia since the year 2006. However, this channel started broadcasting in Croatia in the year 2007. While it reached in North Macedonia in the year 2011.

Sport Klub being a sports channel is famous for telecasting so many sports events like handball, ice hockey, football, volleyball, athletics, golf, tennis, basketball, American football (NFL) and many more.

Sport Klub is the official broadcaster of NFL in Europe this year. Now you will be able to watch NFL all matches live in Europe on Sport Klub. Moreover, you can also watch and NFL pre-season NFL Super Bowl on Sport Klub.

Eleven Sports

This is a multinational group that operates sports television channels. This multinational group is also famous for business to business livestreaming services, global media and OTI services. 

Moreover, the headquarter of Eleven Sports is located in the United Kingdom while the owner of Eleven Sports is Andrea Radrizzani’s sports and media investment platform Aser Ventures.

In the beginning Eleven Sports was only concerned with the attainment of major sports rights in small countries. Moreover, now the company has linear television and digital global services worldwide. Furthermore, this channel offers premium sports in Italy, Japan, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium and Taiwan.

Eleven Sports is also the official broadcaster of NFL 2021. This year Eleven Sports will broadcast NFL all matches live in Europe. Moreover, it will also allow its users to watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl.

Premier Sports

Premier Sports was launched in 2009. This is an Irish Television sports channel. However, this channel is owned by Premier Media Broadcasting. Moreover, Premier Sports has Republic of Ireland TV and exclusive live UK TV rights.

Premier Sports will allow its users in Europe to watch NFL all matches live in Europe as it is one of the official broadcasters of NFL this year. Moreover, you will also be able to watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl on Premier Sports.


DAZN is an important channel that will be streaming NFL live matches in Europe this season. This channel allows its users to watch several games in a week. Like DAZN streams Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night games. Moreover, it also streams a Sunday contest at 7 pm.

Moreover, the users can also watch NFL RedZone every Sunday during the NFL season. The starting time of RedZone at DAZN is 7 p.m. Through RedZone the viewers will be able to watch every touchdown. Moreover, big play from the Sunday games can also be streamed.

Furthermore, DAZN has other exciting things as well for the NFL fans. Like DAZN streams NFL Network live 24/7. The NFL network includes the streaming of NFL news, highlights and the complete coverage of the NFL Draft.

Different plans on DAZN that you can purchase to get the subscription of DAZN:


For the customers DAZN gives a 30 days free trial period. However, unlike other applications, DAZN gives you an access to all of the DAZN’s programs during the free trial. Like you will be able to watch all of the DAZN’s live programs and on-demand programs as well. It is fun as DAZN covers over 8,000 events per year.

However, to keep enjoying the services offered by DAZN you have to subscribe either to monthly or yearly plan.

Monthly Plan:

DAZN’s monthly plan will cost you €11.99. You will enjoy 24/7 live streaming through DAZN. Which means you can watch all matches of NFL live through DAZN.

Annual Plan:

The DAZN’s annual plan costs €119.99. So, once you buy this plan you can stream all live coverages of DAZN all around the year.

L’Équipe (TV channel)

L’Équipe is often called La Chaîne L’Équipe just to differentiate it from the sports newspaper that is also named as L’Équipe. This is a French sports television channel that was launched in the year 1998 with the name L’Équipe TV.

However, towards the end of 2012, L’Équipe TV changed to L’Équipe 21. This was the time when this channel took a step further and started broadcasting high definition programs on France’s free digital terrestrial television. But in September 2016 this channel was again named L’Équipe.

This sports channel will be streaming NFL all matches live during the NFL 2021 season. This is one of the channels that are famous for NFL live streaming. You will be able to watch NFL all matches live on this channel. Moreover, it will also allow you to watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl during the NFL 2021 season.


You can watch NFL live on ProSieben for free. Since the year 2015, this German TV channel is broadcasting NFL live for free. Moreover, ProSieben has launched a special channel known as ProSieben MAXX that streams live games every Sunday at 18:30 from the stadium at USA.

However, at the same time streams another game. Moreover, if the NFL matches are being played in London then do not worry. All you need to do is to tune to ProSieben max as the NFL Marathon starts at 15:00 hours.

Moreover, the ProSieben has some football experts like Patrick, Jan Stecker and Esume who analyze the games in NFL season. However, since 2017 Sebastian Vollmer, who won Super Bowl twice, was working as an expert at ProSiebe.

So, since 2015 the coverage of NFL season on ProSieben has been expanding as it is a huge success each year. The interest of people force the authorities to make the streaming more and more well.

Furthermore, in addition to regular NFL season games, ProSieben will be broadcasting the playoffs as well. Super Bowl will also be streamed live right from the stadium as the channel’s team will be there on the spot.

Anyone living in Europe can watch the NFL on ProSieben and ProSieben MAXX through satellite or cable. So, now it is extremely easy to watch NFL matches live from Europe.


Arena4 is a Hungarian sports TV channel. This channel was launched in the year 2020. Arena4 will be streaming NFL live during NFL 2021 season. You can watch NFL all matches live on Arena4. Moreover, it will also stream NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl. So, Arena4 is another source to watch NFL in Europe.


BBC will also broadcast NFL live in Europe. However, it will only be telecasted on weekends. You can watch NFL live on BBC only on Saturday nights at 9M. Moreover, you can also watch it on BBC iPlayer.

BBC will stream NFL all matches live. Moreover, you can also watch NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl on BBC.

Sky sports

Now you can watch NFL live on Sky sports as well. Sky sports has specially dedicated a channel to stream live NFL matches. And you can watch NFL matches live on Sky sports mix as well. So, there are two channels from Sky sports that will help the fans in Europe to watch NFL live in Europe.

However, there will be live streaming of minimum five games per week on Sky sports. The games that will streamed live on Sky sports are following. However, this is not all there will be additional coverage of NFL as well.

  • The first-pick exclusive game will be streamed on Sky Sports NFL every Sunday at 6 pm and 9 pm
  • Football game will be streamed live every Monday night, Sunday night and Thursday night.
  • NFL RedZone will be streamed on Sky Sports Mix
  • Each and every minute of very playoff game, Super Bowl and Pro Bowl will be streamed live on Sky Sports

Watch NFL on Sky Q:

So, if you are a customer of Sky Q and you have a membership for Sky Sports as well then all you need is to switch the TV on and tune into Sky NFL channel to watch the matches live. Moreover, note the above mentioned schedule of matches to keep yourself updated with live streams.

However, you can also watch NFL live in UK through Sky Go. Moreover, Sky has given some other options as well to its customers who do not want to buy a satellite package.

Sky Sports has given other options to other people who want to watch the NFL live on other devices like smartphones and consoles. Sky Sports has launched Now TV to help the people to watch NFL live in UK. However, Now TV is only accessible through a Sky Sports pass.

Different plans that you can buy to watch NFL live:

There are different plans that you can purchase to get a pass:

  • Day Pass (one day package)

Like there is a one day package that will be available for 24 hours only. This is known as a Day Pass and you need to pay £9.99 to get one day Pass.

  • Month Pass (monthly package)

However, if you are a huge fan of NFL and want to enjoy NFL live for more than a day then a Month Pass will be suitable for you. You can easily purchase a month pass to enjoy a lot of games. The rate of a month pass is £33.99.

  • 12 months Pass (Yearly package)

However, you can also enjoy the sports for 12 months by purchasing 12 months offer. If you purchase a pass for 12 months then you will need to pay just £25 per month. Isn’t it a golden chance for the NFL fans!!

  • Watch NFL live in HD and Dolby audio

However, keep in mind if you want to enjoy NFL live in Full HD then you need to pay extra charges for that. This Full HD offer is known as TV Boost and it will cost you just £3 per month. Moreover, you will not only get the chance to watch the NFL live in HD but you will also be able to enjoy NFL in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

  • Limited Screens

But this offer is available only for limited number if devices. You cannot watch NFL live on more than two devices at a time. But keep in mind that it does not mean that you can stream NFL on just two devices. You can sign in from different devices. But at one time you can use only two devices to watch the NFL live.

ESPN (Netherlands)

ESPN is a group TV sports channels. ESPN (Netherlands) is Dutch and owned by ESPN Inc. ESPN Inc. is a joint company in which two other companies has share. One is The Walt Disney Company that has 80% stake in ESPN while the other one is The Hearst Communications that has only 20% share in ESPN.

In the year 2013, ESPN bought the Eredivisie Live service from the Dutch Football League and launched Fox Sports. However, in 2020 Fox Sports was renamed as ESPN. Moreover, ESPN has 4 HD channels and 1 Ultra HD channel. Furthermore, ESPN also offers a video on demand service to its viewers and ESPN app as well.

This year ESPN will be streaming NFL live in Europe. Hence, if you belong to Europe, you will be able to watch NFL all matches live on ESPN. Moreover, it will also stream NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl.

NFL Game Pass

You can have different NFL game pass packages to watch NFL live stream live on daily or on weekly basis. It is one of the best ways to watch nfl all matches live from Europe.

Watch NFL Every Game on VPN

This is the best way to get rid of the blackouts. You can watch every single game of NFL for the whole year by simply subscribing to the best VPN network

Just follow following easy steps for a VPN:

  1. Install a VPN on your device
  2. Change your location according to your region
  3. Browse your favorite channel
  4. Enjoy every NFL game using VPN from Europe

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