How to Watch NFL in USA – Ultimate Guide

Watch NFL in USA has never been this easy. People in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom and Germany are crazy about their National Football League. Every year when NFL is being played, the stadiums fill to their fullest. However, not everyone can make it to the stadium so they try to watch NFL from other sources like Television and Online.

So, if you are also from USA and you are looking for ways to watch live NFL then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to watch NFL from USA. Moreover, you will also get to know about NFL today game and NFL live streaming. Besides this, if you are planning to watch NFL Wild Card, Super Bowl, Divisional Round and Pro Bowl, we will address that too.

When it comes to NFL, usually two major sources come to mind, first one is TV while the other one is online which means on your computers and smartphones. So, first of all, let’s discuss how to watch NFL on TV from USA.

Watch Today NFL Game in USA on Tv

During the NFL season 2024 these channels will be responsible for NFL live streaming. So, take a look and then you can tune to any of these channels for NFL live stream.


NBC Sports has dedicated a special branding term for the broadcasting of NFL season 2024 that is known as “The NFL on NBC”. NBC sports channel will be streaming NFL season 2024 live in the United States.

NBC was one of the earliest channels to stream NFL live games. NBC sports channel started NFL live stream in 1939. While the Pro Bowl and championship were introduced in 1950s and 1960s. In the year 1965, NBC signed an official contract to stream American Football League.

During the NFL season 2024, NBC will stream:

  • Hall of Fame
  • NFL kickoff
  • NFL playoffs
  • NFL Super Bowl
  • Sunday night regular season games

However, during this season the play-by-play lead will be Al Michaels or Mike Tirico. While the lead analysts on NBC Sports for the NFL season 2024 are Cris Collinsworth, Drew Brees and Terry McAulay. All of these people are famous American Sportscasters. So, you will enjoy NFL season 2024 a lot on NBC Sports.


NFL Sunday Ticket will be streaming very out-of-week matches in NFL season 2024. No satellite is required for the streaming of NFL matches through NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL Sunday Ticket TV is a paid channel but it offers a free trial to the new subscribers. There is seven days offer that the new subscribers can avail. However, if you are not willing to continue the subscription then cancel before the trial ends or the charges will be deducted automatically from your account.

Only those people will be able to get access to NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV who are not the customers of DIRECTV and who live in buildings like apartments, condos etc. Moreover, those people living in a residence can get access to NFL SUNDAYTICKETTV who do not have an access to DIRECTV due to some blocking issues in the DIRECTV satellite.

Moreover, this channel is made for the students only who are either actively enrolled or were enrolled in the previous 18 months in post-secondary educational institutions. NFL SUNDAYTICKETTV will be streaming NFL live matches, NFL Super Bowl and NFL pre-season.

NFL Matches on RedZone

NFL RedZone is the streaming service introduced by NFL network. This is the only source that you can use to watch live football games straight for 7 hours. And it will also let you watch the touchdown from every game. The touchdown of every game will be streamed every Sunday afternoon during the NFL season 2024.

NFL Game Pass on Smart TV

If you want to watch NFL pre-season, Super Bowl and all NFL matches live then NFL Game Pass is the best option to choose. It will also let you watch the recorded matches and highlights of matches as well.

NFL game pass is an official website that will stream all of the NFL matches online. You need to sign up on this website to watch games lives or you can also watch the highlights of the games. Moreover, NFL game pass is available on a number of devices through a website and an official application.

Only a small amount of content is available free on NFL game pass like ‘Sunday in 60’. Moreover, you can also watch the 5 minutes’ highlight of each match for free.

  • Different plans that you can purchase on NFL Game pass
    • There is a plan that is known as “essential plan”. You can get this plan in £39.99. And this plan is for the entire season of NFL. This plan includes only a number of services like NFL RedZone and NFL original shows. Moreover, you can also watch a 40 minutes’ highlight of each match through this plan.
    • However, if you are interested in watching live games and on-demand full games then the Pro subscription is made for you. You need to pay £149.99 to buy this plan and then you can enjoy the live matches throughout the season. However, if do not want to pay for the entire season then you can purchase the Pro subscription plan by paying £14.99 on weekly basis as well.
    • You can also get a free trial by making an account on NFL game pass. You can get a Pro account for free but just for 7 days.

NFL on CBS Sports live

You can watch today NFL game on CBS. CBS has a special divisional channel for sports known as CBS Sports. The CBS network has been streaming NFL since the year 1956. However, they got a break from NFL from 1994 to 1997.

From 2014-2017 CBS network signed a partnership contract with NFL Network and broadcasted the Thursday Night Football games as well.

On CBS Sports you will be able to watch:

  • National Sunday afternoon and evening regular season games 
  • NFL playoffs
  • NFL Super Bowl

While the lead analysts on CBS Sports will be Tony Romo and Gene Steratore.

Watch NFL on Fox Sports

FOX Sports is one of the major channels that will be streaming today nfl game. The lead analysts of FOX Sports are Troy Aikman and Mike Pereira. While the lead sideline reports will be Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi. FOX Sports will stream:

  • National Sunday afternoon and evening regular season games
  • NFL playoffs
  • NFL Super Bowl


Every NFL fan knows that ESPN is one of the official broadcasters of NFL since so many years. Hence, this year as well ESPN is going to stream NFL live for its fans.

ESPN, also known as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is American channel that is owned by ESPN Inc. The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Communications own the ESPN network in partnership. Bill Rasmussen is the founder of ESPN network who founded this company in 1979.

The main ESPN studio is located in Bristol, Connecticut. While ESPN network also has offices in New York City, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and Charlotte. Today NFL game ESPN Sports will be streaming:

  • National Monday night regular season games
  • NFL playoffs
  • Pro Bowl

Moreover, the lead analysts will be Brian Griese, Louis Riddick and John Parry. The lead sideline reporter will be Lisa Salters.

NFL Broadcast on NFL Network USA

NFL Network is the official broadcaster of today nfl game. NFL Network is the only source that streams nearly 200 NFL games. NFL network streams every TNF game, NFL pre-season, NFL Super Bowl, NFL week games and many more.

Watch NFL Broadcast on Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a paid source to watch the today nfl game in USA. Prime Video is famous all around the globe for its striking technical features and interesting content.

Amazon prime will broadcast Thursday night live games in 2023-2024 season. So, there is no need to subscribe to different services to watch different shows of NFL. Now you can watch all shows of NFL on Amazon Prime in $8.99 per month.

NFL Live Stream on in Spanish Language

FOX DPORTES that was formerly called en Espanol is an American television network. FOX DEPORTES also charges you for availing its services. While this channel is dedicated to sports only but in Spanish language. This channel was introduced for the Hispanic people living in USA.

Fox Sports launched its divisional sports channel FOX DEPORTES in 1996. Since then FOX DEPORTES is the longest running network of sports in Spanish language.

FOX DEPORTES will stream NFL all matches live. Moreover, it will also live stream NFL pre-season, NFL Super Bowl and NFL week matches. While the lead analysts of this channel are John Laguna and Brady Poppinga. The lead reporters on FOX DEPORTES for NFL season 2023 will be Jaime Motta, Troy Santiago and Pablo Alsina.

NFL live telecast in Spanish on TLEMUNDO DEPORTS

TELEMUNDO DEPORTES is the divisional program of the NBC Sports Group. NBC Universal owns the NBC Sports Group and the TELEMUNDO DEPORTES. TELEMUNDO DEPORTES is famous for the production of magazine programs and sports events all in the Spanish language. However, there is another channel of NBC Universal that airs the sports programs in the Spanish language. NBC Universal launched this divisional program in 1999. But initially, it was known as Deportes Telemundo. Since then this channel has been broadcasting several famous national and international football leagues. Moreover, it also telecasts Olympic Games and many more.

TELEMUNDO DEPORTES will be streaming today NFL game in USA in the Spanish language. On TELEMUNDO DEPORTES you will be able to watch NFL pre-season, NFL week matches, NFL Super Bowl and NFL all matches live.

Watch NFL in UNIVERSO in Spaninsh Language

This channel is also owned by NBC Universal. This is a paid channel which means that you need to subscribe to this channel if you want to watch nfl game on thursday night.

UNIVERSO is working as a partner with the NBC channel and to some extent with TELEMUNDO. UNIVERSO was also launched for the American population that speaks and understands the Spanish language. Hence, if you can also understand Spanish language then you can watch NFL season 2021 on UNIVERSO. It will also help you watch NFL Pre-season, NFL Super Bowl, and NFL week games.

How to Watch NFL online in USA

There are some mobile applications that will be streaming Sunday night NFL in the USA. So, if you are unable to watch NFL on TV, you can watch it on your mobile phone and tablet as well.

Watch NFL online on Yahoo Sports in USA

You can download this application on your devices and enjoy NFL all games live. This application is also going to offer you the service of NFL live streaming along with the streaming of NFL Super Bowl and NFL pre-season with NFL Week Matches.

NFL Mobile App

NFL Mobile App is the application launched by the NFL network. So, it is the official application of the NFL Network. If you download this application on your cell phone then you will be able to enjoy NFL live streaming on tv.

Moreover, this application will also allow its users to watch NFL Super Bowl live. NFL pre-season will also be streamed on NFL Mobile App.

NFL Live Commentary on Radio

There are some radio channels in the USA that will also be streaming Sunday night NFL. So, if you have to go to somewhere during the NFL matches even then there is no need to miss any of the NFL matches. You can listen to the commentary of matches on these radio channels:

NFL commentary on Westwood One

This is an American radio network that is owned by Cumulus media. This channel is famous for sports coverage and music. Hence, you can tune to Westwood one to enjoy the NFL primetime and the postseason game.

NFL Radio Commentary on Sirius XM

Sirius XM Inc. is an American broadcasting company. Headquarters of Sirius XM is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. This broadcasting company is responsible for the online radio services and the satellite radio working in the USA.

Hence, you can also hear to NFL season 2021 live through Sirius XM. This channel will allow its listeners to enjoy the NFL games today live, NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl as well. So, if you have to travel during any of the NFL matches or NFL events then there is no need to worry. Sirius XM will not let you miss any of these.

NFL Spanish Commentary on Entravision

ENTRAVISION is an American radio channel that is owned by the Entravision Communication Corporations. The headquarters of Entravision Communication Corporations is located in California.

Entravision is basically working for the Hispanic community that speaks Spanish. Entravision Corporations not only own radio stations but they have television and outdoor media as well in so many famous Hispanic markets.

However, Entravision Corporations also have some English-speaking radio stations and television networks. Entravision radio station is the source to hear to NFL today game . There will be live commentary during the NFL pre-season and NFL Super Bowl as well.

USE VPN to Watch NFL in USA

If you don’t want to stick into the hassle of tuning and searching for the channel to watch NFL n your TV, Mobile and Computer, then VPN is the best option for you. You can subscribe for the weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions of the top-notch VPNs to clear out the ways of more than one sport. You can watch every sport you want and other TV channels you ever wished just all in one.
Besides this, if you live in a location where the TV channels hesitate to broadcast NFL streaming, then you can opt for the VPN to counter that.
Just change the location and explore the channels you wish to watch the sports on.

For the aid of your confusion, I would love to mention that, you can watch all NFL Week Matches, NFL Preseasons, NFL Divisional Round, NFL Wild Card, NFL Pro Bowl and NFL Super Bowl just through a single platform.

Just take the following steps to do so.

  • Download a VPN application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • After downloading VPN, select a suitable location.
  • After changing your location you will be able to access all of the restricted websites and applications.
  • You can use NFL game pass through VPN.

So stay tuned and enjoy your favorite sport all around the year.

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