Before knowing to watch UEFA Euro 2020 form USA we have to take a glimpse of the tournament. UEFA Euro is a football tournament that is going to be held in July 2021. This great football competition always serves as a source of a great adventure for the Americans and other countries of the world.  UEFA EuroThis was initially started in the 1960s. It consisted of only four European countries, but now the figure is increased above 24. Channel will stream these matches on ESPN and ABC app for the people of the United States. However, for the Spanish speakers, this tournament will be streamed on Univision.

This tournament will be hosted by 12 countries: England, Germany, Russia, and Italy. There is a firm belief of almost every fan of a football tournament that EUFA Euro is one of football’s most competitive contests.  This belief is based on the four years gap between each game. Teams played UEFA Euro in 2016, and the upcoming matches will be held in 2021. This eager waiting of the public dramatically increases their overall interest in this particular tournament.

Now the thing to discuss is that how can you watch this thrilling and adventurous tournament? This is what the whole article is going to tell you about. Just keep scrolling down, and you will get many things to know about watching EUFA Euro.

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1. Watch UEFA Euro 2020 from the US for free

The free and paid versions of Tv channels depend on the country that you live in. A particular channel is free in some countries, but the same channel is paid for in other countries. Watching such thrilling matches with your family and friends can be a source of great excitement and may look very cool.

This tournament will be live-streamed on many official websites along with tv and other applications. You can download the apps for those websites that will broadcast this tournament and enjoy your matches.  There are specific means by which you can watch this tournament by paying for nothing. Here I will share some best methods with you by which you can watch this exciting tournament from your couch for free.

Watch EUFA Euro 2020 on Tv for free

You can watch the EUFA Euro on your television. Specific channels will broadcast this tournament. If you are a citizen of the United States or any other country, several channels will let you watch these matches from the comfort of your home.  If you have your cable connection and Tv,  then the best channel to watch this fantastic tournament in the United States is ESPN. It is a free broadcasting channel and allows you to watch the entire game, i.e., ESPN will stream all the tournament matches. You can also watch these matches on the CBS network. CBS service is paid, but it does provide you with the free version. 

  • ESPN (Free)
  • CBS (Paid but limited Free Access)

Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Online free

In today’s busy world, sometimes we cannot sit in front of the Tv watching the whole match. However, being football lovers, it is important to us to manage these matches. In this case, we can use those websites that broadcast these matches. Some websites also provide you with the watch later option, which helps you watch the match highlights after being free from your work.

Watching EUFA Euro on websites can be very beneficial as it doesn’t limit you to space and time. You don’t need to sit in your Tv room and leave all of your daily life activities. These websites have made things pretty easy for us, as they allow us to watch these matches any time and anywhere.

UEFA Euro 2020 on ITV

ITV stands for independent television. It is Tv network operating in England, New Zealand, and some of its other neighboring countries. This Tv network broadcast every tournament of EUFA Euro. The best thing about this channel is that you can use their official website for watching your favorite EUFA euro, which is free to use, and you don’t need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. You have to sign up there and enjoy your matches.

UEFA Euro 2020 on ESPN

ESPN is the best sports network in the United States of America. It got the rights to broadcast all the matches in the USA. Besides being a Tv channel, it also allows you to use their official website to watch the tournament matches, thus providing excellent value to its users. If you do not get time to manage all of your work and watch your favorite game, you can use your mobile phone to watch the games from the ESPN website and continue your work along the way.

UEFA Euro 2020 on BeIN Sports

BeIN sport is a paid website, but it is on its way to launch its free version, which will allow you to watch your matches in high-quality for free.

Watch UEFA Euro 2020 on Apps for free

You can also watch EUFA Euro on your mobile phone using many applications at android and IOS stores. These applications are linked to their respective websites. For example, ESPN allows you to use its mobile application connected to its official website, giving you a TV-like experience.

UEFA Euro 2020 on UEFA official App

The official website of EUFA has launched its free application for the IOS and androids on the name “EUFA.” Using their official application can be the best in terms of quality.

UEFA Euro 2020 on ESPN App

As mentioned earlier, ESPN is considered the top sports network in the United States. Like The ESPN TV, luckily, it also provides its free application for both the androids and IOS.

2. Watch UEFA Euro 2020 form USA Paid

The growing rate of competition between the sports channels had created a kind of easiness for the public. It significantly impacted the subscription fee, quality, and value that a particular sports network provides. A channel used to charge massive amounts of dollars to broadcast their sports at a reasonable and affordable price. A similar case is with the quality and working of a particular channel.

So in today’s times, even if you subscribe to a paid Tv network or any other source to watch UEFA Euro, it may appear relatively easy, as the channels provide the best value at an affordable price. The reason for which I will recommend going for paid sources is that they give a kind of guarantee to you regarding their quality and provides a better value to their users.

Here I will tell you everything about the paid Tv channels, websites, and applications where you can watch your favorite tournament.

Watch UEFA Euro on paid Tv networks

According to research, almost 180 million people watched the last year’s UEFA Euro tournament. This vast figure indicates how important it feels to watch this mega tournament to the public.

The best thing that I like about watching UEFA Euro on televisions is that it gives you a feeling of being in a stadium like fantasy. Here is the list of some best Tv channels that will broadcast the upcoming matches UEFA Euro.

UEFA Euro 2020 on CBS

Among the paid TV networks, CBS has the right to broadcast the UEFA Euro in the United States. No doubt, CBS is among the best-paid TV networks in the United States. By paying a nominal price of 6 to 10 $ per month, you get access to a well-reputed sports network.

There is two pricing plans of CBS, commercial and non-commercial plan. The non-commercial program has charged more than 6 $ per month, and you get the benefit of a reduced number of ads compared to those in the commercial plan. However, if you are subscribing to CBS, just for watching UEFA Euro, you don’t need to pay those extra dollars for nothing but just reducing the ads.

UEFA Euro 2020 on Univision

Another channel that had got the rights to broadcast the UEFA Euro in the United States is Univision. It is a paid sports channel and will post this fantastic tournament for the Spanish people of the United States, so if you are Spanish, then the best-paid channel to look for is Univision.

Watch UEFA Euro 2020 online paid methods

As mentioned above, the most reliable way to watch this fantastic tournament is by watching these matches on a website. This is due to the reason that you can watch these matches anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your office or anywhere. You can log in to your account at that particular website, to which you are subscribed, and watch your favorite tournament right over there.

 The free websites allow you to watch the EUFA Euro, but by using the paid websites, you get a kind of more excellent value that you don’t get by using free websites. That can be better quality, reduction or ultimately ending of the promotions and other kinds of easiness.

Here I am going to tell you about some best-paid websites that broadcast the UEFA Euro tournament.

UEFA EURO 2020 on ESPN(paid)

One of the main reasons I like ESPN is that it provides both versions of their websites, i.e., paid and free. A website which is already well reputed in providing the best quality service can give you more excellent more value if you spend some amount on it. When it comes to the price, you are more likely to pay for a website that can provide a better deal at a reasonable and affordable price.

Here, the good news for you is that ESPN charges only 5.99 $ per month, which is relatively low compared to the charges of other paid websites. Despite all the advantages, one of the essential things that ESPN lacks here is that its other networks, like ESPN NEWS and ESPN2, broadcast different shows and programs. Thus you are keeping deprived of them if you are subscribed to ESPN+.

UEFA Euro 2020 on BeIN Sports (Paid)

Like ESPN, BeIN Sports also broadcast the UEFA Euro tournament. This sports website is the best for those who only love football because you will find most football matches. However, it isn’t limited to only football, and it does broadcast other games like tennis and swimming, etc. The paid version has two plans to chose from, i.e., the monthly program in which you have to pay 19.99 $ per month and the annual plan, which allows you to save 3 $ per month, and the payment will be 179.99 $ per year.

 You can better decide which plan is better for you. The best thing that I like about BeIN sport is that it gives you a 14-day free trial, which will provide you with a better idea of their service. This website is accessible from androids, IOS, desktop, laptop, and almost all kinds of devices.

UEFA Euro 2020 on Fubo TV (Paid)

This streaming network was launched in 2015 and got fame during a little time frame due to their best service and provision of more excellent value compared to their competitors.

Upon subscribing to this website, you are given access to various United States channels where you can watch many more shows, programs, tournaments, etc. Among the paid websites, it is the best in terms of the value they give to their subscribers.

By paying 64.99 $ per month, you get access to 100+ Tv channels, which is not so scary but a good deal. You can also subscribe to the Elite plan, for which you have to pay 79.99 $ per month, and you will get access to almost more than 164 channels.

Watch UEFA Euro 2020 on Apps

If you want to watch your favorite tournament on your android or IOS phone, observing them using applications is much better than watching on websites. This is due to the beautiful appearance and accessing better options to manage your account. Most paid websites provide their applications to their customers for free if they are subscribed to their websites. You have to install the application, log in to your account, and you will get access to all kinds of sports games on your mobile phones.

Here you will find a list of some best applications to watch UEFA Euro.

UEFA Euro 2020 on BeIN Connect

BeIN Sports Connect is available in both android and IOS version. It is a mobile application launched by BeIN sports. This application is provided free to the paid subscribers of the BeIN sports website. According to their customer reviews, the old version wasn’t much better as according to the expectations.

However, the new version is considered to be the best in terms of quality and appearance. The developers had enhanced the layout and streaming quality. I want to add that if you are already subscribed to the BeIN sports website, then there is nothing terrible to try their official app, as it is free for their customers.

UEFA Euro 2020 on BCE Premium TV

Another mobile application that you can use to watch your favorite UEFA Euro tournament is BCE Premium Tv. This application has wonderful features and is considered the best in terms of plans and prices, and quality streaming. By paying just 25 $ per month, you are given access to many sports and general channels, which is like they are providing the best value to their customers. I like their plans and prices, as they are too low compared to their quality and service.

This application instantly gives your account information as you pay their price. Besides, they are providing the best help and support to their customers. So if in future you face any issue you can contact their customer support, and they will ideally help to solve your problem.

3. How to Watch UEFA Euro 2020 on ESPN outside USA?

Well, so you are the one who wants to use the ESPN+ in other countries instead of the United States. The ESPN network is not accessible from the countries like India, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, UK, Australia, and Canada. If you belong to any of the given countries, you cannot use the ESPN service. However, there is a method by which you can bypass the restriction of ESPN, and that is using a VPN (a virtual private network)

How does VPN Works?

Your device has a specific address in the internet world, which is called an IP Address. No matter whatever you do with your device, legally, you can’t change it. Whenever you visit ESPN, your IP Address is marked as non-US, resulting in your device’s blocking to access their website.

If you use a virtual private network, it provides you a proxy by which your IP address is projected as US, and thus you become able to use ESPN. The best thing about VPN is that it helps you protect your privacy if any problem arises.

Best VPN to Watch UEFA Euro 2020

With using any VPN, your ultimate goal is to watch your favorite UEFA Euro. The best VPN that I would recommend is NordVPN. I like using this VPN because of its beautiful features. It provides you a 30 days money-back guarantee, and you get the best discounts.

How to use NordVPN for ESPN?

To use NordVPN, follow the steps given below.

  • Install the US version of the NordVPN on your device.
  • Now, open the VPN and login into your account by providing your credentials.
  • Click the search bar and type the web address, and click the enter option.
  • Once you got into ESPN, you can enjoy live streaming if UEFA Euro is non-US.


Whether you use the paid applications, websites, or Tv channels, or the free ones for watching UEFA Euro, your ultimate purpose is to watch this particular tournament. It doesn’t matter to use the paid or free means for watching the game. However, if you want some better value and better quality service, you should go for paid means. If you are inexperienced in choosing the paid Tv channel or website, you may spend more for the same experience you could get by another means. And that’s what this article educates you all about.  

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